Royal Flush


The celebrated Kings Regiment recently held their annual lunch at The Meridien hotel in Piccadilly. The boys reminisced about life in the Regiment over champagne, and lunch was accompanied by an excellent Bordeux from expert wine maker Vincent Fabre, as more tales of past tours of duty were recollected.
The Kings Regiment, known as KINGS, can trace its origins back to 1758. The Division was originally formed by the amalgamation of The Kings Regiment Liverpool and The Manchester Regiment.
Mayfair photographer S.C., who had been given this fascinating group to document, recalled one of KINGS most difficult tours, ‘I remember reading about Northern Ireland as it was in the early seventies, during ‘The Troubles,’ apparently KINGS were heavily involved in military operations during these times.’
Other courageous and historical points in history for KINGS, have covered Kenya in 1959, which was emerging from the Mau Mau Uprising and nearing independence. Kuwait in 1961 and its independence from Britain, and the President’s stance on anti oil-rich Gulf States, in which KINGS were brought in to assist the Sheikh. The patrolling of the West Germany border with Soviet occupied East Berlin in the early sixties, and more recently, The Falklands and Iraq. The KINGS motto, ‘Nec Aspera Terrent’ – Difficulties be Damned, couldn’t be more significant to such brave endeavours.
Certain traditions have continued in KINGS, there used to be an association with The Queen Mother, who held the position of Colonel-in-Chief of the Regiment which was based on a relationship formed during the Second World War. Now Prince Charles is the regiment’s current Colonel-in-Chief. 
S.C. endeared himself so much to KINGS, they have decided to take him along on their tour of Rome later this year, an historical trip which will mark the Regiment’s centenary.

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