Press Release 19 April 2012: Snappy Snaps Mayfair refurbished after freak accident

Near-death experience for Mayfair Photographer leads to revolutionary Snappy Snaps store.

A freak accident at a Mayfair photo services shop has led to a revolutionary way for customers to get creative with their own images.

In May 2011 there was bad news in Mayfair: A new Jaguar car inexplicably crashed through Snappy Snaps Mayfair nearly killing franchisee and owner Scott Collier (45).

In May 2012 the good news is, that Collier survived to continue his work as shop owner and professional photographer, and his shop Snappy Snaps, 49 Hertford Street, Mayfair is about to be relaunched as a flagship store. George Michael who, in a notorious accident in July 2011, crashed his car into a Snappy Snaps store in Hampstead, but was not involved in the accident in Mayfair, has also been invited to attend.”

The refurbished shop will incorporate photography workshops and putting the creative control over their images into the hands of customers, through new photo editing kiosks where clients can edit their images, and choose a variety of print options including canvas prints, mugs and t-shirts.

“I’ve always used Snappy Snaps Mayfair for my printing, because the quality is so good and I support local businesses” says Kay Kavanagh who owns a hair salon of the same name in Shepherd Market, opposite the Snappy Snaps shop. “But I’m really excited about being able to edit my own photos with staff on hand to help me. I think it’s a unique service we haven’t had offered before in Mayfair.”

Kay Kavanagh witnessed the near-death experience of photographer and Snappy Snaps owner Scott Collier when a Jaguar accidentally crashed into his shop window, driving through the building situated on the corner of Hertford Street, pinning the shop’s owner Collier against the inside of the front door as large equipment was flung around the shop interior, causing many £1,000s of damage.

“Another inch and the car would have crushed his legs” reports business owner and shop customer Suzy Miller, who was on the scene shortly after the accident occurred. “Scott was inches away from having his successful career as a wedding and corporate photographer trashed, as well as losing his shop. But he still managed to take some great photos of the accident whilst the medics tried to deal with his injuries!”

Both Suzy Miller and Kay Kavanagh will be attending the launch party for the refurbished shop in May, which will be spread over two evenings, with invited guests including local businesses, previous clients, music by Steam Punk band Tankus The Henge, and George Michael impersonator Rob Lamberti.

“It seemed appropriate to invite the real George Michael to come to our launch party after all the publicity about him driving into Snappy Snaps Hampstead,” explains Collier. “He declined our invitation, so we thought we’d get an impersonator to come along instead.”

Collier’s robust and humorous approach to even a near crippling experience and the destruction of his much loved shop, where he has been the owner for 25 years, is an indication of why he is so popular with his considerable Facebook following and the wide range of customers who visit his shop, including local celebrities like Sterling Moss and Martin Lewis.

“Nearly losing my business and my legs has been an amazing experience” explains Collier. “It’s made me appreciate my life even more than before, and value the support and camaraderie of being part of the fabric of Shepherd Market. Thanks to the car smashing through my shop and being able to change the layout, I’m able to have the space to offer a new way for customers to engage with their own images.”

Collier is very excited about being able to offer new ways for customers to enjoy their own creative skills through post-producing their own photographs. “If you sit at our new kiosks enhancing the images you’ve taken on your iPhone, you may find yourself sitting next to a celebrity – maybe even George Michael!”

A page of images displaying scenes from the car in the shop with the later addition of images of the launch party will be available to view at


For more information, please contact:
Sallie Golding
M: 07767 481576

Interviewees available by phone:

Scott Collier (Owner of Snappy Snaps Mayfair)
07881 812 668

Kay Kavanagh (Owner of Kay Kavanagh Hairdressing Salon)
07932067779 and

Suzy Miller (Owner of Divorce in a Box)
07525 059 634

Snappy Snaps Mayfair
49 Hertford Street, W1J 7SR
020 7495 1626

Hi-resolution images available from Scott Collier:
Or for download from the following link:

George Michael drives into Snappy Snaps Hampstead July 2011

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