Look Who’s Stalking


Roe deer and red deer are not an uncommon sight on the Bristol Downs. One of Bristol’s most spectacular and historic open spaces, the Downs are owned by the Society of Merchant Ventures – a private entrepreneurial and charitable organisation in Bristol, which dates back to the 13th century.

So what better place to plan a birthday picnic for three Leo girls, Linda, Libbs and Panda; who meet every year to celebrate their joint birthdays. This year however, there was a bit of a twist in the tale – S.C. our professional photographer in London, was scheduled to make a surprise entrance.

Having gone through the options of exactly which surprise entrance would have the most impact; jumping out of a cake, getting naked and tying oneself up in ribbon/bondage tape/gaffer tape, or whatever is to hand – professional photographer in London S.C. decided a simple knock on the door would do the trick.

The evenings events started with drinks and supper at The Botanist, a chic bar and restaurant in Bristol’s fashionable Clifton Village. S.C. and his entourage were very well looked after throughout the evening by manager Mario, who was so accommodating he even allowed S.C. to attempt to sabrage with a meat cleaver.

Then onto Hyde and Co, a secret cocktail bar which from the outside is just a door. The door policy is all hinged on a verbal invite, their selection based on who they would invite into their home, is who gets through the door. Entering the inner sanctum of what looks like an American speakeasy, there is a naughty feeling to the place, like the illicitness of prohibition in the roaring twenties.

Strictly cocktails for purists made only from the freshest of ingredients, are served in anything from champagne saucers to vintage glass jam jars. The décor an eclectic mix of art deco and shabby chic, with sepia tones of lighting.

Not long after a couple of the potent cocktails, S.C.’s powers of persuasion and conversations on flexibility, had Linda in a very compromising position. The sophisticated looking barman announced that, ‘It simply isn’t that kind of establishment, and could the lady please refrain from that position.’

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