Kiss and Make Up


If you asked most young girls what their ultimate birthday treat would be, the answer would most likely involve make-up, pretty dresses, and best friends. Emma, daughter of Lauren Ekon (General Counsel for Investec Bank plc), had her dream come true, when our London family photographer S.C. was asked to help out for the occasion.

The jammy birthday girl and her friends underwent a professional make-over and photo shoot to celebrate the special day. An hour was plenty of time for everyone to get the star treatment with hair and make-up and then be photographed in style by our S.C.

Lauren and Emma’s house is in the inner circle of Regents Park, a prominent area not far from London Zoo, the crescent is lined with striking looking stucco fronted terraces designed by John Nash. The 19th century British architect was responsible for most of the layout of Regency London, his most famous designs include Buckingham Palace and the Royal Pavilion Brighton.

The perfect back drop for a glamorous photo shoot, interiors of the remarkable house could be described as traditional English with a modern twist. Incredible artwork is juxtaposed with the opulence of gold floor to ceiling Rocco framed mirrors, nestling against National Trust palette ‘day room yellow’ walls and plush creamy gold velvet sofas.

The transition from being a girl to a young woman is an exciting journey but can also be rough at times. The importance of self esteem in youngsters is vital, and by instilling a sense of confidence and good self esteem, will enable them to grow into bright vocal women. A sense of friendship and bonding is essential in young girls, and if you encounter a young woman with good self esteem, you encounter a young woman with high self respect. Creating the opportunity of having a professional make-over and photo shoot, is an hour of being made to feel special, whilst sharing the experience with friends.

For party bags, all the girls got a cd of their own pictures to take home with them, and making the most of their new looks after the shoot, they all went out for a birthday supper at Wagamama’s.

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