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When Snappy Snaps Mayfair decided to throw a party for their grand reveal and Silver Jubilee, Shepherds Market came to a stand still as all eyes were focused on the corner of Hertford Street. West London photographer and serial sebrager S.C. could be seen wandering round the lanes with that big sword of his, and a naked painted lady, which was a gift from Heba the make up artist, who rubbed shoulders (and a little paint) with the likes of George Michael. Even the Snappy Snaps window, which had recently recovered from its run in with a Jaguar, decided it was all too much and gave way to a crack.

The theme for the occasion was something French, but as long as it involved a lot of champagne and the opportunity for Monsieur S.C. to thrust his sword forthwith, any excuse would do. The street outside was transported to a Parisian bistro, giving the evening a distinct air of anticipation of what was to come.

Behind the scenes, the talented Daniel Pierpoint worked his magic in tandem with the gifted Heba, transforming a lucky few into super models. Tankus the Henge entertained guests with their cool gypsy jazz and circus vibes, with George Michael performing a few sets of his own in between doing a spot of shopping in the store.

The new and improved Snappy Snaps Mayfair is now a slick interiors sea of L.A. whiteness and impressive flower arrangements by Paul Thomas – a far cry from the hot sweaty confines of the old days, and a hangout to equal even Robin Birley’s ‘5 Hertford St.’

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