Grape Expectations


The art of wine tasting is subjective, yet follows definite principles of look, smell and taste. West London photographer S.C. and renowned social butterfly and notorious cunning linguist, decided to put his taste buds to the test. A recent Vincent Fabre wine tasting at the Gloucester Millennium Hotel presented the ideal opportunity for our Event photographer London.
Vincent Fabre is the expert wine maker for the Domaines Fabre, producing Chateau Lamothe-Cissac, Chateau Landat, Chateau La Tonnelle, Chateau Le Chene, and Chateau Fonseche. Vincent has been leading the Bordeaux Wine Industry for over fifteen years, and his family have been farming and making wine for centuries. 
The question being, to swish or not to swish, or in the case of S.C., to glug or not to glug – while it was originally thought that certain regions of the tongue detected specific flavours, it is now known not to be true. The front and back of the tongue contain the taste buds, and rather than specialising in a particular taste sensation, all taste buds are capable of detecting the whole spectrum of flavours.
In order to get the most out of your tastes buds whilst tasting, swishing is the way forward – this allows not only all of your taste buds to be saturated in flavours, but also your olfactory senses to be drenched – causing the detection of the finer flavours of wine.
Brought up with good etiquette, S.C. felt spitting at the end of each grape variety the height of bad manners, so with a wry smile, swallowed every time in the name of protocol.

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