Good Sport


Of late, our favourite West London Photographer S.C. was given the opportunity to photograph the wedding of Reon and Kanika Thomas.

Reon an aspiring up and coming footballer married his childhood sweetheart Kanika Royer in a beautiful heartfelt ceremony. The young couple’s four year old daughter Nevaeh delighted in having a starring role, looking every bit the princess in sky blue. Kanika walked down the aisle swathed in a butter soft tulle like fabric, carrying a cluster of calla lilies.

The wedding was held in St Andrew Church in Uxbridge, which was designed around 1869 by George Gilbert Scott, famous for his gothic style church designs, and also for the design of the St Pancras Hotel in 1865.

Their Reception took place at Q Vardis alongside the River Fray, an idyllic and elegant setting for such an occasion – it was just as well they had the best wedding photography to record their memorable day.

Amongst the 250 glamorous guests who attended, was Sky presenter Gillian Joseph, the key presenter of Sky News Sunrise and The Live Desk.

The newlyweds are both from West Indian families, Reon is Bajan, and Kanika’s heritage is Jamaican; they come from a tradition where religion is taken very seriously, and society and community spirit amongst families is very significant. In fact extended family is a vital part of family life, and quite often grandparents live in the home with their children and grandchildren.

In both Bajan and Jamaican communities, superstitions and traditions are paramount – weddings are always held on Saturday because its bad luck to marry on a Friday; the groom is not supposed to look back until the bride arrives inside the church. Likewise it’s considered bad luck if it rains on the wedding day and the bride gets wet, fortunately it was a sunny Saturday when Reon and Kanika tied the knot.

Tradition also states that if a dog or cat eats any of the wedding cake, then its bad luck. On over hearing this from one of the wedding guests, S.C. guiltily looked around for anything of the feline or canine persuasion, whilst kicking his fallen cake crumbs discreetly under the nearest table.

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