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Mayfair photographer S.C. and Reportage Wedding Photographer Mark Carey, recently had a ‘shoot-off’ at Haberdashers Hall, where The High Sheriffs of England held their annual council meeting.

Every year, fifty-five High Sheriffs are selected to serve the counties of England and Wales. The coveted position supports the Crown and Judiciary, and also supports various crime prevention agencies and education.

Haberdashers Hall is steeped in ceremony and history, and The Haberdashers Livery Company dates back to medieval times, where it too developed into a significant supporter of schools and education.

The meeting in Haberdashers Hall was a great opportunity for the current intake of Sheriffs to exchange stories and notes of their year in office, and an even better chance for S.C. and Mark Carey to sashay their way through the gathering, and capture the splendour of the occasion with their individual styles.

The position of High Sheriff has existed since the Shires were formed over a thousand years ago; in fact the word ‘Sheriff’ derives from ‘Shire Reeve.’ In Saxon times, the Sheriff’s were very powerful within the shires, holding law enforcement powers; they could raise the ‘hue and cry’ in pursuit of felons.

Nowadays, principal duties for High Sheriff’s include attendance at royal visits in the county, and support for Her Majesty’s High Court Judges when on a circuit.

Eyeing up the imposing portraits of Queen Victoria and feeling very at home in the historical grandeur of the hall, S.C. couldn’t help but wonder if he too might be one of the next chosen few.

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