French Dressing


It is widely recognised that the French have a reputation for their impeccable fashion sense. The uniqueness of their effortless style is all about simplicity, with a focus on what suits them rather than what is in fashion. La Petite Maison Mayfair succinctly reflects these very same qualities, with its simplistic yet timeless chic approach to cuisine, bringing all the charm of the South of France to the heart of Mayfair.
Our Mayfair photographer S.C. was commissioned to create environmental portraits for La Petite Maison’s website. During his assignment, S.C. skilfully captured the absolute precision and attention to detail, of what goes on behind the scenes of the London incarnation of one of Provence’s best known restaurants.
Timing is key to food photography, and on this particular shoot there were sometimes only seconds to capture an image. S.C. not only had to work at the same manic pace as a professional kitchen, there was simply no time to hang around with food shots – having very little margin for error it was necessary to shoot quickly before food looked past its best. S.C. added that, ‘Lighting has to be minimal and unobtrusive with plenty of natural light. I often support this with flash bounced off a ceiling or wall, giving more balanced lighting.’
La Petite Maison focuses on Genoese cuisine, a kitchen transition between Italy and Provence, which links culinary dishes from the Mediterranean and those from the Alps. A salad of broad beans served with pecorino is the kind of cross-border dish you could expect to enjoy. A selection of delicate blush coloured Provençal rosé’s bring out the contrast in flavours of crab and lobster salad, and finely sliced octopus in lemon. S.C. commented that, ‘Food photography has changed so much over the past few years, the emphasis is now on fresh ingredients, shot in an uncomplicated and natural way.’
Arjun Waney (financier of Zuma and Roka), bought the franchise rights to La Petite Maison Mayfair, and installed former Zuma Chef Raphael Duntoye, as Head Chef. Known for its atmosphere and celebrity clientele, La Petite Maison recently made it on to The Sunday Times Food List 2011. Food Writer Charlie Edmonds stated, “Raphael Duntoye is a master in his trade, his knowledge and understanding of Mediterranean flavours has earned him an enviable reputation in a city that delivers the highest culinary standards.”

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