Clean Break


When it comes to relationships, breaking up is rarely a smooth process. Suzy Miller, founder of The Starting Over Show– the UK’s leading divorce fair, provides a platform, to having as close as it gets to the perfect break up. 
The Starting Over Show was recently held in Guildford, where collaborative lawyers set up shop alongside life coaches, divorce coaches, a masseuse, and financial advisers to name but a few. Even The Mystic House Wife was on hand to offer a number of alternative therapies including soul coaching and therapeutic clairvoyance. 
S.C. was on the scene to offer visitors the opportunity to have their photo taken. When asked why someone would want to have their picture taken whilst in the middle of a separation, S.C. rationaled that, ‘Creating a photo of someone in the image they wish others to see them, is a great confidence booster for people who have suffered their way through a bad break up.’
Suzy Miller of The Starting Over Show, has been working with the Ministry of Justice to devise strategies to lower conflict in divorce proceedings, and is a staunch advocate of maintaining a positive outlook throughout the separation process. Miller believes that, ‘A relationship break up can be the perfect time to make positive changes whether that’s starting up the business you always dreamed of, getting your pension sorted, or even losing that extra weight and taking care of your health.’
Miller’s recently launched ‘Divorce in a Box,’ a kit containing tools such as discounted and mainly free advice sessions from experts, is a great starting point when faced with the enormity of separation. S.C. maintains that, ‘Often when people are not feeling their best, they imagine they can’t look good, but the camera doesn’t lie, and being able to show someone an image which says the opposite, is a great way of getting this message across and making them feel empowered.’

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