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A Certain Kind


People with strong relationships have kindness in common. Looking for the good in all the ordinary day to day stuff and dwelling on fine qualities, equals the basis for a solid and lasting relationship. Kindness means that some things simply

Kiss and Make Up


If you asked most young girls what their ultimate birthday treat would be, the answer would most likely involve make-up, pretty dresses, and best friends. Emma, daughter of Lauren Ekon (General Counsel for Investec Bank plc), had her dream come

Klass Act


The who’s who of showbiz came together to celebrate Jonathan Shalit’s (ROAR Global) 50th birthday party last week. Well known faces from television, music, and sport, and even some political heavy weights, attended the entertainment impresario’s big night at the

Look Who’s Stalking


Roe deer and red deer are not an uncommon sight on the Bristol Downs. One of Bristol’s most spectacular and historic open spaces, the Downs are owned by the Society of Merchant Ventures – a private entrepreneurial and charitable organisation

Brighton Rock


Brighton student Liza, decided to celebrate her nineteenth birthday by hiring our professional photographer in London, S.C. to document her memorable day. Twenty of Liza’s closest friends joined her on a private bus touring some of London’s iconic attractions, followed

Icing on the cake


Aerobics teacher Keri and D.J. and property developer Andrew, first met S.C. when he covered their wedding in July 2009 at the Hilton Canary Wharf. It only followed that S.C. was asked to photograph their nine month old new addition