Brand New Attitude


PR consultant Lyndsey and architect Michael, made the strange request of inviting west London photographer S.C. to bring his trumpet along to their wedding.

The creative couple were very specific in how they wanted to be shot, nothing cheesy, no posed up stuff, and above all, no over direction. Before their big day, Lyndsey and Michael had commented on how much they liked some of S.C.’s recent work, particularly the outdoor shots with the emphasis of sun and air; the spontaneity of off-camera flash, and the genuine feel of the best wedding photography provided by our very own S.C.

Our west London wedding photographer was asked to portray a sense of happiness, excitement and family values in a relaxed ambience. A style which would best reflect the kind of people Lyndsey and Michael are.

The couple chose Ettington Park in Warwickshire to take their vows, steeped in history, Ettington Village is recognised as both a Saxon and Roman settlement.

The Shirley family, the Lords of the Manor at the time of the Doomsday Book, are still residents in Ettington, and their ancestral home is now Ettington Park. With a long history of weddings, many of which are recorded in the main dining room of Ettington Park, the Shirley coat of arms is flanked by those of the sixty seven families their heirs married into.

It’s not very clear how much S.C. got to blow his horn that day, but he certainly created some inspired and exquisite images, which are tenement to Lyndsey and Michael’s dream of their very special day.

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