Ball Park


London Park Lane’s Dorchester hotel recently reopened its ballroom. After undergoing a restoration to recapture the opulence of Oliver Ford’s original 1930’s design, a chosen few were invited to mark the relaunch with an evening of lavish entertainment.
S.C. and his entourage were on hand to take in the sumptuous surroundings, whilst sampling free flowing Laurent Perrier champagne. Exquisitely crafted canapés were served throughout the evening – the attentive staff bringing round second helpings after over hearing one of S.C.’s crowd wax lyrical over the mini foie gras crostini.
Reportage wedding photographer Mark Carey, who once aptly stated, ‘A picture is only as good as the expression,’ managed to capture the spirit of the evening with his unique photography style, his images depicting the very heart and soul of the iconic setting.
The doyen of the traditional decorators of his time, whose philosophy reflected Carey’s own beliefs, Oliver Ford’s calling card was elegant but understated. 
So sought after were Ford’s designs, that The Queen Mother appointed him her decorator in 1974, meriting him a coveted royal warrant. His other renowned clients included the Duke of Marlborough at Blenheim Palace, and Mrs Harry Oppenheimer amongst others.
Known for his modesty and humour, Ford once said in a House and Garden interview, ‘I have done nothing to the house at all, it was always beautiful, and quite honestly, if you were to take out all my tat, it would be even more beautiful.’

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