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“I would have no hesitation in recommending him. In fact, I would tell you to hire him. He really will capture what you want your family pictures to say.” Keri Stinson

As a family photographer, Hertfordshire is not the only county that boasts a succession of new babies, significant birthday parties (you’re never too old to have a party) – and all those visiting relatives who want to document that special moment in time.

In my role as a London family photographer I also provide memorable images and ‘photo videos’ of 16th birthday parties, Barmitzvas and ncreasingly, ‘blended families’ – where two families become one and want a beautiful image to celebrate that union.

Because I also own Snappy Snaps Mayfair, I can add value by including albums, canvas prints and photo products that will enhance parties, events and special occasions of all kinds.

It’s not the fact that by commissioning a London portrait photographer that you will get great pictures – with me that is just a given. But what you’ll gain is a set of images that truly reflect the laughter, the sharing, and the emotion that family events portray. And that’s the reason why I enjoy photographing them so much.

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