A Life in the Day


Snappy Snaps Mayfair – 20 years and still standing.
There is no such thing as a normal day at number 49 Hertford Street. The hive of activity which is Snappy Snaps Mayfair is a prominent hub for locals and tourists inhabiting Shepherds Market. The staff are a colourful bunch, and elaborate and eccentric personalities need only apply.

More recently, force majeure dealt a blow to the shop. S.C. looked up from his counter one day, to witness a car crashing through the side of his shop and pinning him to the inside of his own front door, The whole store took a pounding and the windows were a write-off, but thankfully all involved were unhurt. 
To brighten everyone’s day, S.C. decided the only thing for it was to erect a larger than life sized photo of himself to cover the cracks. Now passersby have the pleasure of seeing just who the man behind the lens is. 
An exception to the gender rule, S.C. is a master at multi tasking. Juggling the phone and a rapidly forming queue of customers, he calmly mentions that he has a shoot at 4.00, a meeting at 6.00, and drinks with a client at the Dorchester afterwards.
Recently Mark Carey, friend, collaborator and partner in crime, decided to document a day at Snappy Snaps Mayfair, capturing what is a very extraordinary corner shop.

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